Support local businesses while enjoying yourself

To purchase in a responsible manner while enjoying your stay to the fullest, here is a list of local, second-hand and zero-waste destinations.

Les Curieux

Trendy second-hand clothing shops and recycled clothes

Whether you are concerned with limiting the impact of your purchases or looking for a retro outfit, then you have most likely already enjoyed shopping for second-hand or recycled clothes. If this is the case, then trust us – you’re going to have a great time in Lyon! 


Our zero-waste addresses in Lyon

It’s not always easy to limit the waste you produce while travelling. That’s why we would like to offer alternatives to the over-packaged sandwiches and groceries. Our first piece of advice: take your time! Sit down at a restaurant or stroll around one of our markets – it’s the best way to experience Lyon to the fullest! Read on for some local addresses.


Brochier Soieries © Eliza Ploia

Souvenirs and gifts made in Lyon

What if you brought back a sustainably and locally made gourmet souvenir that reflects your stay? Here are a few ideas!