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Local and authentic addresses

Discover the richness of Lyon’s local products and reduce your consumption footprint

The Lyon metropolitan area is brimming with producers, chefs, artisans and creative designers who are passionate about what they do. Visit them to discover their food, interior decoration and shopping gems, made locally and with love!  We won’t mind if you bring back a magnet anyway, but it would be a shame to miss out on these talented individuals who contribute to Lyon’s identity and richness!

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Lyon’s markets

Going to the market is an experience. It is the experience of exploring colours and smells, choosing fresh fruit and vegetables, sourced directly from producers, as well as cheese and meat from the farm… 

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Responsible shopping

To purchase in a responsible manner while enjoying your stay to the fullest, here is a list of local, second-hand and zero-waste destinations.

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Locavore, or the art of eating emblematic local products

Our destination, Lyon – the international capital of Gastronomy – owes its reputation, in part, to the diversity, quality and daring of its restaurants.
Of course, it also owes its reputation to the local products that are used to prepare dishes. Lyon’s gastronomy stems from the wealth of its neighbouring terroirs: Beaujolais, Bresse, Condrieu–Vallée du Rhône, Monts du Lyonnais and Côteaux du Lyonnais… 
Here, you will find restaurants that favour local products.
And for some gourmet souvenirs to bring back home, make sure to check out our article on local adresses.