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Environmentally-responsible leisure

In Lyon, urban tourism is responsible too

Offer your customers unique experiences and activities to discover local know-how in Lyon, a city on a human scale, which can easily be explored using green transport modes. Whether it’s for a few hours or a whole day, browse our ideas for inspiration.

Voie bleue à Rochetaillée - credit Guillaume Robert Famy

Alternative means of transport

When you arrive in Lyon for the first time, you may hear that Lyon is easily seen on foot… "Ah, these crazy Lyonnais!" you may think. Well no, they're not. And it's quite true. You can. And especially when the weather's fine, as there's nothing nicer than strolling through the streets or along the river banks to admire the architecture, or do a spot of shopping. It's even a must if you want to soak up the atmosphere of the city. And if you like walking, well you'll surely love striding through the hilly Croix-Rousse and Fourvière districts, up Rue de la République of course, and all the way around the Parc de la Tête d'Or… And if not, there are other means of transport that are just as eco-friendly that will really help you make the most of your stay.

View over Lyon's Opera © Brice Robert

10 sustainable experiences to be had, without compromise!

You can enjoy all Lyon has to offer while respecting the places and people around you.

Guided tour in the Vieux-Lyon  © S. Delyons

Our guided tours

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