Lyon, a city of natural beauty

Lyon loves its green open spaces!

Parks, gardens, green open spaces and embankments: in each district, natural areas have been preserved to give people somewhere pleasant to go for a walk, ride a bike, relax, read a book or chat.
The riverbanks are being developed to accommodate long promenades that link Tête d'Or Park to Gerland Park, where alternative means of transport are favoured. 
The banks of the Saône also provide a delightful walkway for pedestrians, punctuated by contemporary works of art.

Lyon pays careful attention to the quality of its living environment, and aims to remain attractive for future generations. This is why all its major projects, such as the Rhône embankments, the Confluence district and the banks of the Saône…, are designed in keeping with sustainable development requirements. Everything contributes towards putting humankind at the heart of the city's expansion, and preserving the environment.
You've seen and enjoyed the city, so why not now see Lyon in its natural glory?

Lyon, 'European Capital of Smart Tourism' 2019

For a number of years, Greater Lyon and OnlyLyon Tourism and Conventions have worked to develop responsible tourism and a range of activities that are adapted and accessible for all, with respect for the balance and well-being of the city and its residents. With this title, the European Union rewards Lyon for its initiatives and engagement. Celebrations will begin on the 13th of February 2019, with the installation of a sculpture representing the title at the Musée des Confluences.

The African savanna in the zoo of Tête d'Or Park © Parc de la Tête d'Or

Tete d'Or Park

The largest and most popular of all the parks in Lyon is the Parc de la Tête d’Or…
Inaugurated in 1857, this urban park inspired by English landscape gardens covers 105 hectares of land. Its 17-hectare lake was created from a branch of the Rhône.

Rosa Mir Garden in Lyon © LV / ONLYLYON Tourisme & Congrès

Rosa Mir Garden

Head to the Croix-Rousse to discover the astonishing Rosa Mir garden!


Banks of the Rhône

Greater Lyon has successfully completed a project aimed at reclaiming its rivers, which began in 2002 with the rehabilitation of the banks of the Rhône.

The banks of the Saône River in Lyon © Delphine Castel

River Sâone banks

Make the most of the peace and quiet of the banks of the Saône thanks to the pedestrian promenade, and its alternating urban and pastoral atmospheres: a 15-km pedestrian promenade along the river on the left bank, between the Confluence area and Ile Barbe, and between Fontaines-sur-Saône and Rochetaillée-sur-Saône.

The works of several contemporary artists have been installed along the river. This project highlights and preserves the city's ecological heritage, the buildings built along the Saône, and related activities such as rowing, fishing and walking.

©Laurence Danière_Lugdunum - Musée & Théâtres romains

Sustainable Tourism in Lyon

Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful cities! The most chauvinistic? Certainly! The most gourmet and inviting? That’s what we’re known for! Although we cannot yet promise that your trip is 100% sustainable, we provide many ideas on how to limit your environmental impact, while enjoying Lyon’s heritage and authenticity, whether you are a visitor or a local. Rest assured that on our end we are determined to bring sustainable tourism to Lyon!

Lake in the Sancy in Auvergne © CRDTA/Joel Damase

Around Lyon

Because sometimes we want to push the discovery a little further than Lyon and the cities of the Metropole, here are some ideas for days to spend around Lyon.

Biking by bike on the banks of the Rhone © Jack Leone / Grand Lyon

Sport and nature: a winning combination!

The advantage of Lyon is that it's very easy to get away from things when you want to work out, go for a stroll, or relax in the heart of nature… and all within minutes of the city centre.