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Responsible initiatives to adopt

A quick overview of the solutions that are available to you in Lyon

Adopting an eco-friendly approach when organising an event or visiting a city mainly lies in your choice of venue and service providers, but also in the promotion of local and responsible initiatives. Some of these initiatives have already been adopted by our social organisations, while other initiatives are still not well known and deserve your full attention.

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Le Chaînon Manquant

Here at ONLYLYON Tourism, we think that there are no insignificant actions when it comes to creating more responsible tourism. Are you a professional working in the catering, events or retail industry with concerns about the waste generated by unsold food? There are solutions out there and the association Chaînon Manquant (which means ‘missing link’) can help you.

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Solutions to fight food waste

Are you an event organiser, hotel or restaurant looking to give a second life to your unsold products? Engaged and passionate organisations are here to help. Here is an overview of existing initiatives to reduce food waste.

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This digital platform dedicated to the pooling of event equipment was created by a specialist in logistics and operational management. They are located near Lyon, and supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Calling all event organisers in Lyon – sign up and optimise an important facet of your event while reducing your environmental impact!

Cy-Clope – 2021

Cy-Clope: recycling and reuse of cigarette butts

In addition to being highly polluting, cigarette butts are toxic and dangerous. A local project named ‘Cy-Clope’ can help you with the management of this waste by installing outdoor ashtrays in companies, at tourist sites and even temporarily for events.

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For events in Lyon that are accessible to all

The Lyon Metropole has witnessed the creation of many new innovations in this area. We invite you to discover them, and perhaps even contact them.

Les Alchimistes

Join the food waste composting initiative!

Did you know that food waste and organic waste make up more than 30% of our rubbish, the vast majority of which is either incinerated or buried? Numerous solutions are offered to Lyon’s professionals who wish to switch to compost. Not only does it allow you to reduce waste, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well since compost is very effective at capturing carbon! 



Yes, you can source locally

Are you a professional in the catering or events industry looking to provide local, organic and, above all, quality food for your customers? Online platforms designed for professionals offer a wide selection of produce. Find everything you need with a click! Here is our pick.