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What is a greeter?

Lyon City Greeters are offering to share a few hours of their time with you. But, who are they? Locals who love their city, who will introduce you to their interests, districts and favourite places.

If you want to discover the city of Lyon with a local, a Lyonnais by birth or by choice, who shares the same areas of interest...

One greeter knows the best places to eat and will share their personal recommendations. Another is more aware of the moods of different districts and loves strolling along the river banks and quays or wandering freely around the city’s streets.

One greeter is keen on street art, while another loves old stone buildings

Yet another greeter is a shopping addict who knows all the designers and will show you where to find them...

Would you like to experience Lyon’s markets, play golf, explore the banks of the Rhône by bike (using the vélo’v service), go shopping in the Presqu’île district boutiques, explore the Confluence, witness the life and the hidden gems of a specific district?

Don’t wait any longer! We will find a friendly, welcoming, volunteer greeter, who is open to diverse cultures. He will welcome you and make you discover the city’s atmosphere and attractions during a 2-hour walk across the city.

All walks take place within the framework of the greeters charter, which we would encourage you to read: 

Lyon City Greeters Charter

Would you like to explore Lyon with a greeter?

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The Greeters: a worldwide network

The Greeters of the Lyon metropolis are affiliated to the National Federation of Greeters and the International Association of Greeters.

Fédérationale des Greeters

France Greeters

International Greeter Association

“All Members share the following Core Values”