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You are planning an event in Lyon

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To-do-list for organising a sustainable event in Lyon

By their nature, events are ephemeral. However, making them more sustainable contributes to the development of our organisations and the strengthening of their values. The specifications drawn up for an event reflect the various individual activities impacting our environment. The team of Lyon Convention Bureau is on hand to assist you with this approach and has created this To-Do List, which we hope you will find useful when organising your sustainable events.


Partners committed to an environmentally responsible approach

Looking to make your event more responsible? These partners, who are also members of the Convention Bureau, can guide you through the process.

La Confluence - Brice Robert

Responsible initiatives to adopt

Adopting an eco-friendly approach when organising an event or visiting a city mainly lies in your choice of venue and service providers, but also in the promotion of local and responsible initiatives. Some of these initiatives have already been adopted by our social organisations, while other initiatives are still not well known and deserve your full attention.

Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph

Eco-friendly accommodations

Whether they have ecolabels, an internal programme or carry out individual actions, all these factors contribute to protecting the environment without compromising on the quality of their service.


Disability and Accessibility Information

In 2018, Lyon was awarded the European Commission’s annual Access City Award, which recognises the specific efforts of a European city with more than 50,000 residents to improve the accessibility of its public services, transport, culture, etc.